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- ► what - Machinima, a portmanteau word composed of "machine" and "cinema", refers to videos made in virtual worlds or gaming environments. At their simplest, these involve filming action in a virtual world or game. The dialogue may be scripted and the interactions rehearsed, and it's possible to refilm or edit as often as necessary to produce the final version of the machinima.

- ► why - The educational potential - ranging from simply recording roleplays to the production of fully scripted narratives - is enormous in first or second language learning, literature, theatre, and many areas of the visual arts, media and film production.

- ► how - For more information and some hints on how to make machinima, see Machinimag's What is machinima?.

- ► where - Little technical expertise is required to produce a basic movie - the virtual world Second Life, for example, has an inbuilt video recording function. If
an inbuilt video function is not available, machinima can be created using a free tool such as Game Cam, which can be integrated into virtual worlds or gaming environments. Another option is to download the free Moviestorm software, which allows movies to be produced in a self-contained virtual world.

- ► examples - Many tours of virtual world platforms such as Second Life or OpenSim take the form of machinima, such as Pia Klaar's video Second Life: Education and Professional Development: Classrooms without Borders, embedded above right. For examples of the full potential of machinima made in Second Life, see Lainy Voom's videos (below) or those produced by the SL Shakespeare Company. For a list of machinima with social or political messages, see Rik Riel's Machinima that Matter. Further examples of machinima can be seen in the Second Life YouTube Channel or the Machinima YouTube channel.

The Stolen Child from Lainy Voom on Vimeo.

Push (Mini Project 4) from Lainy Voom on Vimeo.

- ► variations - It is possible to create a simpler version of machinima using one of the many animation services now available on the web.

- ► more - For academic and journalistic references about machinima, see the E-learning references page.

Credits: Pia Klaar's video Second Life: Education and Professional Development: Classrooms without Borders is hosted on YouTube. Lainy Voom's videos can be found on her Vimeo page here. I owe the Game Cam link to Stephen Bax and the Moviestorm link to Nik Peachey.

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