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Course title: Introduction to E-learning

Course type: Professional Development Day Seminar

Course dates:

Mar 2011 (Singapore)
Aug 2010 (Singapore)
Mar 2009 (Singapore)
Sep 2007 (Perth)
May 2007 (Perth)

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This seminar, aimed at teachers, provides an introduction to the rapidly changing forms and uses of new technologies in education, with a particular focus on web 2.0 and the social media which build on it. We will discuss how, used appropriately and judiciously, digital technologies can support and foster constructivist, interactive learning environments, thereby enormously enhancing our teaching - and simultaneously appealing to today’s students, many of whom are more technologically savvy, socially connected and pedagogically demanding than their predecessors.

The day seminar is divided into three parts. The opening presentation traces the history of new technologies in society, before examining the match between digital technologies and contemporary pedagogical approaches. The main presentation offers a comprehensive and detailed overview of key digital tools and techniques, such as:

A summary of many of the main ideas covered in the presentation, along with links to websites shown in screen captures, is located at: http://e-language.wikispaces.com/web2.0.

The presentations are followed by a guided exploration in a computer lab. Participants choose which technology or technologies they would like to explore in a hands-on way. By the end of the session, those who wish to begin creating blogs, wikis, digital stories, tag clouds or social networking profiles, etc, will have had the chance to do so.

Variations to this basic structure can be made depending on the needs of participants and the availability of a computer lab, etc.

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