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Course title: Teaching & Learning with ICTs

Former title: Teaching & Learning with New Technologies (2010-2011)

Course type: Master of Teaching Unit

Course dates: Jul-Oct 2016 (Perth & Albany) • Jul-Oct 2015 (Perth & Albany) Jul-Sep 2014 (Perth & Albany) Jul-Sep 2013 (Perth) • Jul-Sep 2012 (Perth) • Mar-May 2011 (Perth) Feb-May 2010 (Perth)

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This course is designed for early childhood, primary and secondary pre-service teachers in Australia. It provides an overview of the rapidly changing forms and educational uses of ICTs, including both web-based technology (especially web 2.0 tools) and mobile app-based technology. It consists of ten tutorials, which address key themes and introduce pre-service teachers to key digital tools. At every stage, links are made to:

During the course, participants will turn their developmental e-portfolio, on which they've been working for 18 months, into a showcase e-portfolio which demonstrates their achievement of the Graduate level of the Australian Professional Standards for Teachers; demonstrates their ability to integrate ICTs into their teaching and into the presentation of their e-portfolio; and demonstrates the establishment of a digital Personal Learning Network (PLN).


The ten tutorial sessions are as follows:

Tutorial 1
  • Introduction to new technologies and new pedagogies
  • Introduction to unit

Tutorial 2

Tutorial 3
Tutorial 4

Tutorial 5
Tutorial 6
Tutorial 7
Tutorial 8
Tutorial 9
  • Computational thinking & coding

Tutorial 10 [Guest lecture by the Office of the Children's eSafety Commissioner]

Past student work

You may view anonymised excerpts from past student work. From 2012 onwards, this work has taken the form of an e-portfolio built with Wikispaces. Prior to 2012, it took the form of a blog + a project.

Student blogroll

In 2010-2011, student blogs were the main online platform for this course. Examples can be seen below. Note that not all the blogs are currently maintained and some may have been subsequently removed.



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