Learning Design Workshop

This page is a supplement to the Learning Design Workshop run by Mark Pegrum at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia, from 18-20 June 2014.

Source: Gustavus Adolphus College (2013). The Flipped Class. http://goo.gl/72c2f4


This workshop is intended to give you an insight into the design of flipped lessons. You will have the chance to review an existing or planned lesson and (re-)work it into a flipped format.


Please ensure that you bring a lesson plan with you - whether for a lesson you have already taught, or one you plan to teach - so we can workshop it together.


The workshop will take place over three half-days.

--Day 1: The Design of Flipped Classrooms--

We'll start by reviewing two general pedagogical frameworks which can be used to underpin flipped lessons, namely Punya Mishra & Matt Koehler's TPACK model and Ruben Puentedura's SAMR model. We'll consider how elements of traditional educational approaches (information transmission & behaviourism) can be integrated with progressive approaches (social constructivism).

You'll be asked to briefly outline to the group the lesson that you'll be flipping, before beginning work on redesigning your lesson plan. If you have time in the afternoon, you may wish to continue work on this. [Day 1 text-based slides]

--Day 2: The Mechanics of Flipped Classrooms--

We'll turn to more granular questions of how to timetable the various elements of flipped classes, using a 'traffic light' approach. We'll also look at how to build in appropriate information transmission, behaviourist, and social constructivist elements, and keep them in balance with each other. This will include reviewing Richard Mayer's cognitive theory of multimodal learning and the guidance it offers on preparing multimodal flipped materials.

You'll be asked to briefly outline to the group the progress you've made so far on flipping your lesson, before continuing work on redesigning your lesson. If you have time in the afternoon, you may wish to do further work on this. [Day 2 text-based slides]

--Day 3: Review of Key Themes in Flipped Classrooms--

We'll review key themes which have emerged over the past two days, as generated by participants.

You'll then have time to prepare your final 5-minute presentation, in which you'll be asked to outline to the class how you'll be flipping your lesson, including providing a printed copy of the redesigned lesson plan and showing sample flipped materials (e.g., readings, slideshows, videos and/or handouts). [Day 3 text-based slides]

Credits: The image above right is taken from a post on The Flipped Classroom at Gustavus Adolphus College, MN, USA.

Contact: Please do not hesitate to contact Mark Pegrum with any questions or comments, either before or after the workshop itself. You should also feel free to explore the rest of this E-language resource wiki.