Life after PowerPoint

This page is a supplement to the Life after PowerPoint Workshop run by Mark Pegrum at Victoria University, Melbourne, Australia, on 11 February 2014.

Not that kind of PowerPoint!

This workshop is designed to give you a whole new perspective on presentations made with Microsoft's PowerPoint (or any other presentation software). After an introduction by the presenter, participants will be invited to begin reworking (or creating) a presentation of their choice.


We'll start by examining the psychology behind multimodal presentations, briefly covering Paivio's dual coding theory, Baddeley's working memory model, and Sweller's cognitive load theory. Our main focus will be on Mayer's cognitive theory of multimodal learning, which draws on the above theories to provide a comprehensive set of recommendations on multimodal instruction.

At each step, we'll examine key functions in PowerPoint which allow us to put these recommendations into practice. While the focus will be mainly on PowerPoint, some similar functionality exists in other presentation software.


Please bring with you a presentation you'd like to rework, ideally in PowerPoint, but other presentation software is also fine. After the introductory session, you'll have the opportunity to work on your presentation with the help of the workshop presenter and your peers.

Credits: The image above right was taken by Mark Pegrum and is available under a Creative Commons CC BY 4.0 licence.

Contact: Please do not hesitate to contact Mark Pegrum with any questions or comments, either before or after the workshop itself. You should also feel free to explore the rest of this E-language resource wiki.