From Start to Finish

This page is a supplement to Mark Pegrum's paper entitled From Start to Finish: Mobile Technologies & Language Learning, presented at the Yildiz Technical University School of Foreign Languages' 1st International Symposium - Web Technologies in ELT Classrooms: Evaluating Current & Future Practice, Istanbul, Turkey, 1-2 December.


Mobile handheld technologies are spreading quickly, opening up many possibilities for language learning. Some familiar educational uses of mobile devices are technologically straightforward, conceptually simple and, frequently, pedagogically traditional; other possible uses are more technologically, conceptually and pedagogically sophisticated.
This paper surveys the terrain of mobile technologies in the teaching of language, beginning with simpler uses, many of which are oriented towards content consumption or behaviourist drills, and leading towards those which are more learner-centred, innovative and creative. The tools and techniques covered in this paper will include:

It will be seen that mobile technologies can be used to enhance the experience of language learning and, on occasion, to radically transform it.


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