What Teachers Want

This page is a supplement to Mark Pegrum's paper entitled What Teachers Want: A Report on the Technology Needs & Wishes of Language Teachers in Southeast Asia, delivered at GloCALL 2012 in Beijing, China, 18-20 October 2012.


It is commonly reported in the critical literature and at conferences that training in new technologies for language teachers is inadequate.
This paper reports on a study conducted with attendees at a series of 4-day Becoming Digitally Literate seminars for language teachers, delivered by Gavin Dudeney and Mark Pegrum with the support of the British Council in a variety of locations around the world. The first two seminars were delivered in Bangkok and Kuala Lumpur in February-March 2012, with further seminars proposed for later in the year. These seminars offered a unique opportunity to gain insights into the needs and wishes of a cross-section of language teachers from different countries.

In each location, local language teachers were surveyed about their needs and wishes with regard to new technologies, and a range of respondents were selected for in-depth follow-up interviews. In addition, observations were made of the kinds of action plans and projects developed by teachers during the seminars.
An overview will be presented, highlighting common themes in language teachers' current technological situations, as well as in their views of the main factors affecting technology integration in their local contexts. Comments will also be made on the differences between countries, as reflected in participants' responses. Recommendations will be made on the nature of training in new technologies required by today’s language teachers.

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