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White-25-400-pixels.jpgE-learning covers all teaching and learning involving computers and other digital devices such as smartphones (e.g., the iPhone and Android phones) and tablets (e.g., the iPad). In recent years, it has come to prominence around the world for a variety of reasons:

  • a proliferation of usable, mostly interactive technology (especially web 2.0 or ‘social web’ tools such as blogs, wikis, folksonomies, RSS, podcasting, virtual worlds, etc);
  • the explosive growth of m-learning (mobile learning) devices and associated apps;
  • the compatibility of web 2.0 tools and some mobile apps with current social constructivist theories of learning and associated active, collaborative, problem-solving pedagogies;
  • the compatibility of mobile devices and apps with student-centred, situated, embodied learning in real-world contexts where learners can create user-generated content;
  • increasingly experienced teachers who are willing to move away from tried-and-tested methods which work in face-to-face situations and experiment with the pedagogical possibilities offered by e-learning and m-learning;
  • a growing body of critical literature based in theory as well as empirical research, from which a consensus on best practices is beginning to emerge.

All of the courses described here give participants the chance to explore this exciting new area of technology-enhanced education, find out about the latest developments, consider how to integrate e-learning into their own educational contexts, and discuss their views and opinions on the future development of this area. Wherever possible, participants are given plenty of opportunity to gain hands-on experience of key e-learning tools.

The following courses are run by Mark Pegrum:

[Bachelor's Level]

[Master's level]

  • E-learning, launched in 2007 as part of the Master of Education programme in the Graduate School of Education at the University of Western Australia, and in offshore programmes in Hong Kong and Singapore;
  • Teaching & Learning with ICTs, launched in 2010 as "Teaching & Learning with New Technologies" as part of the Master of Teaching in the GSE at UWA, and redeveloped in 2012.
  • Advanced E-learning, launched in 2012 as part of the Master of Education programme in the GSE at UWA.
  • Teaching & Researching with Mobile Technologies, to be launched in 2014 as part of the Master of Education programme in the GSE at UWA.

[Professional Development]

This section also contains links to examples of past student work, as well as the E-language blog, where notes from conferences are published and students are invited to comment.

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