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White-25-400-pixels.jpg---Course title: Advanced E-learning

---Course type: Master of Education Unit

---Course dates: Mar-Jun 2012 (Perth)


This course allows participants who have already completed the foundational E-learning course to explore the field in more detail. It is structured around a series of four face-to-face meetings which address key questions, as follows:

Session I: What is (digital) knowledge?

Session II: What is (digital) literacy?
  • Handout II
  • Key resource: Digital Literacies MS [circulated by email]

Session III: What is (digital) education?
Session IV: What is the (digital) future?

In the intervals between face-to-face meetings, communication takes place through the Twitter microblogging service.

As a course project, participants engage in the supervised building of an advanced e-learning resource or resources, accompanied by a statement of rationale. While participants work on individual projects, regular group meetings and online interactions ensure a rich exchange of ideas as the projects develop.

Student projects

See the separate student projects page for examples of projects completed by participants on past courses.

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