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Course title: A World of Mobile Learning

Course type: Bachelor of Arts Unit

Course dates: Feb - May 2017, Feb - May 2016, Feb - May 2015, Feb - May 2014

Course platforms:

Blackboard LMS (password-protected)
M-learning (publicly accessible)


Designed for undergraduate students, this new course, first delivered in 2014, is an exploration of mobile learning around the globe, taking into consideration issues in both the developing and developed world.

The hardware we cover ranges from feature phones to smart devices and wearables. The software, services and strategies we explore range from e-books and apps through multimedia recording and social/professional networking to QR codes and immersive augmented reality, and we conclude by discussing emerging and future trends.

Along the way, we hear from some of the world's leading mobile learning experts, who share their views on the educational and social benefits of today's and tomorrow's mobile technologies. Participants also have the chance to try out and discuss key technologies, and to synthesise their own learning into a digital study guide to be shared with peers at the end of the semester.


This course runs over 10 weeks, with 3 hours of input time each week, divided into a -before class- Online Lecture (with embedded quiz questions & tasks), a -during class- Face-to-Face Tutorial, and an -after class- Online Activity (based on an asynchronous discussion board). The weekly topics for 2017 are shown below.


--Contact: Mark Pegrum.

--Contacts: Mark Pegrum & Grace Oakley.

--Contacts: Mark Pegrum, Ronda Zelezny-Green & Alexandra Tyers.

-Contacts: Mark Pegrum, Grace Oakley, Steve Vosloo & Tom Salmon.

-Contacts: Mark Pegrum, Carla Arena & Bob Fox.

--Contacts: Mark Pegrum, Grace Oakley & Nicky Hockly.

-Contacts: Mark Pegrum, Agnes Kukulska-Hulme & Jan Clarke.

--Contacts: Mark Pegrum, Ozan Varlı, Matt Dunleavy (see also the FreshAiR AR development platform) & Png Bee Hin.

WOML10D.pngContacts: Mark Pegrum, Gavin Dudeney & Julian Stodd.

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