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Twitter1B.pngMany web 2.0 innovators and commentators have feeds on the microblogging service Twitter . The following people are worth following if you're interested in digital technologies, education or both:

Chris Anderson (The Long Tail / Free), John Battelle (The Search), Nancy Baym (Personal Connections in the Digital Age), danah boyd (focus: social networking), Kate Crawford (focus: social media), Cory Doctorow (Content), Dan Gillmor (We the Media / Mediactive), Jeff Howe (Crowdsourcing), Jeff Jarvis (What Would Google Do? / Public Parts), Henry Jenkins (Convergence Culture / Textual Poachers), Matthew Koehler (TPACK), Liz Kolb (Toys to Tools / Cell Phones in the Classroom), Agnes Kukulska-Hulme (Researching Mobile Learning), Charles Leadbeater (We-Think), Tama Leaver (focus: internet studies), Lawrence Lessig (Code Version 2.0 / Remix), Andrew Lih (The Wikipedia Revolution), Rebecca MacKinnon (Consent of the Networked), Richard MacManus ('ReadWriteWeb'), Marissa Mayer (Yahoo CEO), Punya Mishra (TPACK), Evgeny Morozov (The Net Delusion), Gary Motteram (focus: CALL), Craig Newmark (founder of craigslist), Lisa Nielsen (Teaching Generation Text), Pierre Omidyar (founder of eBay), Tim O’Reilly (‘web 2.0’/'web meets world'), John Palfrey (Born Digital), Eli Pariser (The Filter Bubble), Mark Pesce (Hyperpolitics), Ruben Puentedura (SAMR), Lee Rainie (Networked), Howard Rheingold (Smart Mobs / Net Smart), Will Richardson (Blogs, Wikis, Podcasts and Other Powerful Web Tools ... / Personal Learning Networks), Philip Rosedale (creator of Second Life), Joshua Schachter (creator of Delicious), Doc Searls (The Cluetrain Manifesto / The Intention Economy), Clay Shirky (Here Comes Everybody / Cognitive Surplus), Daniel Solove (The Future of Reputation / Nothing to Hide), Biz Stone (co-founder of Twitter), Linda Stone (‘continuous partial attention’), Don Tapscott (Grown Up Digital), Shelly Terrell (The 30 Goals Challenge), Sherry Turkle (Alone Together), Jimmy Wales (co-founder of Wikipedia), David Weinberger (Everything is Miscellaneous / Too Big to Know), Barry Wellman (Networked), Steve Wheeler (The Digital Classroom) and Jonathan Zittrain (The Future of the Internet).

You could also consider following the Digital Media and Learning Research Hub at the University of California and the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project.

You can of course use the Search function to locate many others.

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