Wordle 2016A.jpgWelcome to the E-language
wiki, where you'll find a growing set of resources about e-learning: the place where digital technologies and education intersect. The Wordle image on the left gives an overview of key themes on this site, drawn from the E-learning tag cloud. Click on the image for a larger version. To get a sense of how the emphasis of the E-language wiki has shifted over the past few years, you might like to take a look at the Wordle gallery at the bottom of this page. The Revolver Map above right shows the location of current and recent visitors to this page. Click on it for a larger version.

The wiki itself is divided into 4 main sections. Under E-learning resources in the main menu on the left, you'll find information on web 1.0 in education (ranging from webquests and drills to quizzes and sims), web 2.0 in education (ranging from wikis and social networking to podcasting and m-learning) and early moves towards web 3.0 in education. A list of e-tools provides options for you to create your own online materials, the myths of e-learning page lists some common fallacies about e-learning, and the digital safety page lists cybersafety resources for educators. If, after all that, you need a laugh, try the humour page ...

The E-learning references section contains an e-learning tag cloud with links to recent resources; a blog feeds page to help you keep up to date with some of the most useful blogs dealing with digital technologies in education; and a Twitter feeds page listing innovators and commentators you might like to follow, alongside recent tweets from Mark Pegrum's feed. The E-learning journals page contains a list of journals relevant to e-learning and digital technologies, while the E-learning references page consists of a broad range of academic and journalistic references which underpin the E-learning courses described in the third section.

The E-learning training section includes links to Mark Pegrum's courses, student projects from those courses, and Mark Pegrum's E-language blog, which is composed of conference and course notes.

Finally, to find out more about Mark Pegrum, the creator of these pages, see the biodata section at the end - or check out his latest Twitter updates.

Please note that in early 2010 the TESOL pages formerly listed in the left-hand menu were separated from the main wiki, which is now focused more directly and exclusively on e-learning. Although it is no longer updated, you can still find the key TESOL content here.

Wordle Gallery 2008-2015:

Every year for the past eight years, in the first week of August, a word cloud has been created from the E-learning tagcloud using Wordle software. It reflects emerging and changing points of emphasis in Mark Pegrum's folksonomy, or social index, of online resources. The 2015 word cloud can be seen at the top of the page. Past word clouds are shown below.

Wordle 2016.png
Wordle 2015-A.png
Wordle 2014-A.png
>>>> 2016 E-language Wordle [enlarge]
>>>>>2015 E-language Wordle [enlarge]
>>>>>2014 E-language Wordle [enlarge]
Wordle 2013-D.png
>>>>>2013 E-language Wordle [enlarge]
>>>>>2012 E-language Wordle [enlarge]
>>>>>2011 E-language Wordle [enlarge]
>>>>> 2010 E-language Wordle [enlarge]
>>>>>>2009 E-language Wordle [enlarge]
>>>>>>2008 E-language Wordle [enlarge]

Credits: The main image above left, entitled Wordle 2013, draws together items from the Delicious E-learning tagcloud and was created with Wordle software. It can be accessed directly here. As of 2012, owing to changes to the structure of Delicious, it is necessary to create tagcloud images using Wordle Advanced. The visitors' globe was created with Revolver Map software. The site logo was created using the Web 2.0 Free Logo Generator. The clock below comes from ClockLink.

Contact: There's no such thing as a finished wiki. Like all wikis, this one is a work in progress and there will be changes from time to time in organisation, content and links. However, don't let that stop you from contacting me at any time with comments, suggestions or questions.

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